Plant Stem Cells Vs. Human Stem Cells in Anti-Aging Cosmeceuticals

Many products on the market feature non-human plant based stem cells that are derived from apples, melons or rosebuds. While those may have value as antioxidants and are a good source of metabolites, they can’t identify or facilitate skin repair like human stem cells.

For example: a bruise on your arm will heal in several days because stem cells are activated to repair the injury. However, a bruised apple will be forever bruised. There may be ways that plant based stem cells benefit the skin, but they don’t function the same way that human stem cells do. Additionally we haven’t seen clinical studies to support or prove that human skin responds to plant stem cells.

Our skin and hair care lines features concentrated growth factors and cytokines derived from human non-embryonic adipose stem cells. These stem cells are not derived from fruits, vegetables or any other plant-based material.

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