Why use stem cell derived media in anti-aging skin and hair care?

As we get older our stem cells weaken and the effects of aging becomes more apparent.

Stem cells contain a large number of fundamental proteins called growth factors that are needed for the proper development of the body’s organs and tissues.

The stem cell extracts (growth factors and cytokines) in skin & hair care help detect damaged and photo damaged skin cells, stimulating the skin's own abilities to repair.

The extracts can improve skin firmness and elasticity, thickness, skin tone and brightness giving them anti-aging properties. Fine lines and wrinkles also diminish over time, but the number one thing we hear from our customers is that their skin looks and feels brighter, more luminous and healthy. Generally, peak improvement is reached after six to eight weeks (or two complete cellular renewal cycles) of continuous use, although many people tell us that they see improvement almost immediately.

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