Hi. My name is Irina Voronina. I'm a model and actress. I'm from Russia originally, but now I live in Los Angeles.

My skin type. That's a very good question because it keeps changing. First of all with age and second of all with moving places. When I moved to California, I had to change up my entire skin care. So, I would call my skin combination skin, because it's very oily certain places and very dry because of California weather.

I would absolutely recommend NuGene to my girlfriends. NuGene is perfect for early aging and late aging. Even my mother uses NuGene right now, and she loves it.

I would say skin is the most important thing for a model, and it's very hard to keep it beautiful, hydrated, pretty, wrinkle free. People are very judgmental when it comes to modeling and acting, so you have to look your best at all times.

My claim to fame is being Playboy Playmate, Miss January 2001. You also know me as a St. Pauli girl of 2008. Yes, I was the girl in the poster with the beer.

Very often, I end up with lots of crazy makeup. We're talking crazy, busy makeup, from the photo shoots and acting jobs. NuGene face wash comes in very handy. It takes it off thoroughly. The other thing I like about it is that it doesn't dry your skin out. There are a lot of face washes out there and the more thorough they are in cleansing your face, the more dry the skin feels afterwards, like they are stripping all the oils. NuGene face wash is different.

If I was on a stranded island and I could only take one product, of course it would be a NuGene product. I would go with the Universal Cream because it's truly universal. You just need a little bit and it's great for the neck, for the face, even under eyes.*

Irina Voronina, Model, Actress, Playboy Playmate

Hi, my name is Sarati. I am from Texas originally, but now I live in Los Angeles, California, and I'm a recording artist, actress, and dancer.

So, I have really sensitive and fair skin. I am actually allergic to citrus acid or citric acid, so I can't eat oranges and, well I do eat oranges, but I can't have it touch my face because my face will break out, and it burns, and it is very painful, so I have to be careful on what I put on my skin. NuGene is really good about making sure that there aren't any breakouts and that my skin is taken care of, so that's pretty amazing. But, yeah, I've had issues in the past with like breakouts, and I'm still a teenager so I still have acne every once in a while, and it drive me crazy. And I have bangs so that gets on my forehead so, you know, there are issues.

When I first started using NuGene, I noticed the day after that my skin was clearing up, which is weird to see in a day, but I really did notice it. And I actually called my mom the next day and told her about it and how amazing it was. It moisturized everything and I felt like my skin was being lifted and refreshed. And it's great and it's gentle. Their face wash is one of my favorite products because it is so gentle on my face.

If I were on a stranded island and could only take one product? I would take the eye serum. It feels so good when I put it on, and I can actually feel my eyes just being snatched back. Like it's, it's amazing. I feel like I have an eye lift. It's really great.

I would describe NuGene's product in the way they look as sophisticated. I love bottles like this that you push the top and then you like squeeze it into your hand. I love that.*

Sarah Toups “Sarati”, Recording Artist, Actress, Dancer

Hello, my name is Sheyla Cintron. I am a fitness instructor and the creator of SALT by Sheyla. I live in Redondo Beach and I love NuGene.

My skin is combination skin. Usually, my issues are T zone, and dark circles, dark spots on my skin from the pregnancies and the hormones, and I've had hair loss from the pregnancies. But, yeah, the T zone, I usually have oily, oily here, oily here.

NuGene has fixed my skin because it's completely balanced now. There's no T zone ever, and I don’t even need makeup. I can walk out of my house without makeup. It's totally lightened the dark spots from the pregnancies. And the main thing that it's done for me is all this growth, all this growth of all the hair loss that I had from the pregnancies, it's all coming back. It saved my hair.

My favorite NuGene product is the eye serum. They're all favorites, but the eye serum for sure because, even like six hours after I put it on, you still feel the same feeling when you put it on. It's tight, and it's supple, and feels so fresh. And even if I haven't had sleep because I have an eight-month-old, I can totally count on the eye serum to make me look good.

I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and everyone out there because NuGene has changed my life, has changed my skin, and it can change yours too. It's the best stuff ever. I'm obsessed.

Oh man, this is cool. I love it. That's so pretty. And the hair serum. Oh Universal Serum. This is awesome. I love this packaging. It's so pretty and sexy.

I NuGene. Do you? *

Sheyla Cintron, Fitness Instructor, Creator of Salt by Sheila

Hi. My name's Laura Quinn. I'm from Maryland, but I live in LA. I dance, but I teach ballet for a living.

I would say my skin type is pretty dry. I have had dry skin for a really long time. My dad has really dry skin, and I guess it runs in the family. But like bad dry skin, especially like in certain places that get worse with weather and everything like that. Most of the products I use were just like right in the store, like I don't even know the names of them to be honest. I just tried a whole bunch of things that I would just pick of the shelves and it would say good for this, and I'd try it out and yeah.

Well, since I've started using NuGene, which I'm so thankful for, my skin's not dry anymore, which is amazing. It used to like eat up like makeup or anything I would put on it. And when I was on set or anything, people would be like, "Your skin just eats it up." And now it doesn't. It's not as dry, and it's great. And I love it, because I don't even have to wear makeup and it's not pealing all the time, so it's good.

I was on set for instance, for the Willow Smith video a little while a back, and I remember the makeup artist looking at me and being like, "You need to fix this. Your skin, like it literally is eating up the makeup I'm putting on you." I was like, "Yeah, I know." That’s like an ongoing thing on any set I work on that they say that. Actually I was recently on set of Ariana Grande, and the makeup artist did not say that, so that is a good sign. So thank you NuGene for that, and yeah.

My favorite NuGene product is the Universal Cream. I, god, I love that stuff. I put it on in the morning and at night, and it literally has changed my skin. It's amazing. I actually, right away, right as I started using it, I was telling all my friends about the product and making some of them like use some of mine and then not too much of it because I don't want them to keep using it. I would recommend this product to all of my friends and anybody else, and you should really try and use it too. I promise you, you'll be happy with the results.*

Laura Quinn, Dancer, Actress