Vanessa Rae: I'm Vanessa Rae, and I'm from Happy Valley, Oregon, and I'm a recording artist. And this is my mom

Michelle: Yes, I'm mom. My name is Michelle. As she said, we're from Happy Valley, Oregon, and I'm out here to help her with her music.

Vanessa Rae: So I used to have really oily skin growing up, especially going through puberty. I had a lot of white heads. I had a lot of blackheads. Just, you know, breakouts. Normal stuff, I guess.

Michelle: Yeah, she definitely did when she was a teenager, the younger years. She definitely inherited my oily skin. I had the same problem as well as into my adulthood and now I still do. So, definitely got that from me.

Vanessa Rae: NuGene is really nice though because I feel like since we've moved to LA, our skin has gotten a lot drier because of the weather here and the water, you know, being so harsh. But, NuGene is really nice because it keeps your skin hydrated, but it's not an oily hydration if that makes any sense at all.

Michelle: Yeah, it does. It actually really evens out the skin and the texture of my skin and the feel of my skin. It feels a lot better and looks a lot better since I've been using this product.

My favorite NuGene product is definitely the eye serum. I've tried many, many eye creams and serums out there, and this one definitely is the best. It makes my skin feel really. Under my eyes stay really hydrated, so that I don't feel like I'm just putting it on and it's going right back into my creases of my skin. It just stays with me all days.

Vanessa Rae: My favorite is actually the universal cream, and I use that on my face. I feel like my makeup sticks to it. Like my make up doesn’t run or anything, it just keeps everything on my face, which is really nice. Kinda like a face glue. You put your makeup on and it doesn't leave.

Michelle: And that's a good thing because it's hot out here a lot.

Vanessa Rae: We would absolutely recommend this product for our friends.

Michelle: Yes, most definitely. And we already have as a matter of fact.

Vanessa Rae: Well, it's really important for me to have clear skin because I'm on camera a lot. My job, I'm a recording artist out here, and yeah, just being on camera, you know, commercials. And even just like auditions, being on camera for, you know they film you to take you to show the producers later on to get booked for things. You know, it's just so important to have clear skin for that kind of stuff.

Michelle: Yeah, and she's constantly being interviewed for her music and what she wants to be and what's out there and what she's writing and all of that so it s really good that she's got this product now.

Vanessa Rae: and ever since we started NuGene, everyone thinks she's my sister and not my mom, so.

Michelle: And I love it! And I love it!

Vanessa Rae: She's getting younger as we go, so that's cool.*

Vanessa Rae & Michelle Jamison, Recording Artist, Dancer & Her Mother

Hi, my name is Natassia Malthe. I'm an actress, and I live in Los Angeles. And this past year, I've just had a baby.

I have quite thin skin, and it tends to be quite dry. I've used products like Dr Hauschka and other products you can find at Whole Foods. I've tried all sorts of products, and NuGene is absorbed very easily into the skin. You know, sometimes you can wear other products where it layers a coat on your skin and it doesn’t quite penetrate in, well NuGene is a product that I would say differs in that way.

In my pregnancy, this little guy here gave me little pigmentation called the pregnant mask, and so NuGene helped me a lot with getting rid of the darkened pigmentation and the new spots I had on my skin. I'm 40 years old and I feel like, and I've heard a lot of compliments from people that I look younger now than I did about a year and half ago before I was pregnant.

I've already recommended it to a dozen people, especially these men who are balding. It actually helps your hair grow. I've seen my friends using the hair products. They have all this short hair coming in, which I think is mind blowing. So, yeah, I've recommended this product already to a dozen of my male balding friends.*

Natassia Malthe, Actress, Model

My name is Sophia Phan. I'm an esthetician in Beverly Hills. I work at a medical plastic surgeon's office, and I came across NuGene when one of my favorite clients, who happens to be a model and a big fan of NuGene, came to see me. She has been using products that I recommend for about two years now and she said, "I've been trying something new. It's been two weeks, and I want you to look at my skin and tell me what you think." So, at first I looked at her skin and I said, "It looks good. It looks great like it always does." And then I looked closer and I noticed that the texture and tone of her skin was more plump and it looked as though the fine lines are just far diminished from the last time I saw her. And this was the beginning of the facial, so even better. And then, she said to me, "Well, I came across this product that uses stem cells as a main ingredient in the product, and I want you to try it." And that was when I was introduced to NuGene, and I'm so glad I was.

I have several favorite products from NuGene, but the one that really stands out to me is the Universal Serum. The serum feels very silky in your hands. When it goes on the skin, it just feels like a drink of water. It makes the skin look and feel extremely dewy and hydrated, and that hydration lasts all day. I even think it lasts after washing your face.

I see a lot of different clients with different skin types. The clients and friends that would most benefit from NuGene would be anyone who is interested in anti-aging and anyone that has mature skin. That's pretty much everybody.*

Sophia Phan, Clinical Esthetician

Hi. My name is Spencer Steward. I'm from Burbank, California, and I work in production. Currently, right now, I work on Extra, the television show with Mario Lopez.

If I had to choose a skin type, I would say definitely more around the oily type of skin. I've been dealing with oily skin since I was probably in about junior high. Well, along with oily skin, I get frequent breakouts. Now with the face wash, you know, it's pretty gentle on my skin, so it doesn't overly dry my skin. It takes away a lot of the oil and the shine. As well, it eradicates a lot of the breakouts that I have. You know, and I work really hard and I sweat a lot, so you know I use that about twice a day and the breakouts have kind of just disappeared.

If I had were to have to pick a favorite product from NuGene, I mean there's a few that I like. I definitely like the eye serum. I work a lot of hours in production, and you know that strenuous workload gives me a lot of dark circles at the end of the night because I don't really get the sleep that I want to get or intended on getting. I wake up early hours and I put that serum on and, sure enough, it eradicates that as well. You know, my eyes, no more bags. No more deep dark circles. And I look fresh and ready to roll.

We have a lot of celebrities coming through the set to get interviewed by Mario and our other two co-hosts, and you know first impression is everything. You know, and I have to greet these celebrities and make sure they feel comfortable and at home and you know, my appearance is important. So I started using the hair shampoo and conditioner as well as the serum, and you know I stopped loosing hair. My hair has stronger integrity. It feels thicker. I just like the way it feels. You know it doesn't look as thin as it did, and I'm actually starting to get baby hairs. They're starting to regrow. So, you know, I'm very pleased.

My fiancé, she's pregnant with twins, twin boys. Just the thought of it is kind of stressful. I've been using these products on the face to help with my appearance because I have been getting bags and a little bit of the crows feet and whatnot and it kind of has smoothed my skin out and actually helped with the breakouts. Because the stress, I tell you what, with working and preparing to be a father, you know, it takes a toll on your skin, and this product has definitely helped me bring my skin back to life.

I would definitely recommend the products to my friends. You know, I've already started, to be honest, with people at work. And they kind of make fun of me and take pokes at me 'cause I like to say that I'm a man's man, but you know I'm breaking them down and their listening to what I'm saying and seeing the results, so they're all interested.

I NuGene. Do you?*

Spencer Steward, Production Coordinator Extra TV