My name is Jin Lee, and I am the VP of Operations at Millennium Dance Complex. I was raised here in California. I was born in Korea, but we moved out here when I was four, so been an LA girl.

My skin type. When I was younger, I used to have oily skin and then, as I got into my 30s, it started drying out a little bit, so the discoloration, and the dark spots, age spots started appearing.

I love NuGene skin care products. It has completely evened out my tones. My dark spots are starting to fade a little bit, and I feel like I don't need makeup as much anymore. I would recommend this line to anybody and everyone, and I have. And everyone loves the products.

Well, especially when you're dealing with celebrity clients at Millennium Dance Complex, you don't want to have skin that's broken out. You don't want to have bad skin. You just. It's the confidence level also. Like, I feel more confident as a person, especially a female in her 30s.

Products I've used in the past differ from NuGene because I don't see the results as fast. With NuGene, within the first day, the next morning I woke up from using the skin care line, and my skin was glowing. Like, it looked like I had makeup on, and it was just amazing. And after that, I was sold*

Jin Lee, VP of Operations – Millennium Complex

Jessica Rizo

Hi. I'm Jessica Rizo. Born and raised in northern California. I'm an actress and musician.

Well, my skin type is relatively oily, and some of the problems I've had is acne and discoloration. I'm ethnic so I have yellow, red, green tones sometimes depending.

NuGene skin care has helped correct some of my problems from the past by definitely brightening my skin, evening my skin tone.

I kind of stopped breaking out in the last few years, but I definitely haven't had any new breakouts, and that's a big thing trying new products. I'm always weary of getting new breakouts and that certainly hasn't been an issue with this product. It's been, overall, a great experience.

A little bit about myself. I spend a lot of time on camera. In this generation of film and television, everything is high definition, so there is only so much filters, and beauty bowls, and lighting, and editing can do, so if my skin is well maintained, and clear, and bright, and healthy, then it's going to translate much more, you know, attractive on camera and I'm going to book a lot more work. So it's very important that I get a lot of rest, and drink a lot of water, and eat well, but most importantly take care of my skin, so NuGene is definitely helping with that.

You may have seen me on commercials, mostly Old Navy, Chevy, Verizon. A lot of commercial print. Some of the same companies I just mentioned as well as cosmetics. I worked for Wet and Wild to Milan cosmetics

In terms of spending a lot of time on set with a lot of makeup and a lot of lights and heat, we tend to inevitably get a little bit of breakouts and a little bit of just discoloration or wear on the skin I think, and you need a good product that can help, you know, just maintain the clarity of your skin and remove all the dirt and oil and keep it looking bright.

I'm a skin care fanatic. I'm a beauty fanatic. And having tried this product, I have nothing but positive things to say. It definitely has helped the clarity of my skin, the tone of my skin, and just overall the brightness of my skin.

I NuGene. Do you?*

Jessica Rizo, Actress, Musician

Hi, I'm AnnaMaria Demara, and I'm originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and I've been residing in Los Angeles for the past 10 years.

Some of the things that you've might have seen me on is like Nip/Tuck, Days of our Lives, Demon Legacy. I just produced, wrote, and acted in a film called Check Please. It's gonna be in some of the film festivals.

Recently, I've been in Ford Focus with Chris Brown.

I've been a Ducati model for the past four years.

Skin care is really important to me, and thankfully NuGene has been a big part of that recently. It's just made my life a lot easier knowing that I won't have breakouts 'cause in the art industry, in our business, things come randomly the next so day, so it's almost like I'm preparing myself for what may happen in the future. It keeps my skin flawless, so it's just easy.

My individual skin type has been normal to dry, and I say that because I go back and forth from the east coast and west coast. On the east coast, because of the winter and snow, keeps my skin dry, so moisturizer is much, much more important when I'm on the east coast than it is on the west coast. So to me, NuGene is able to balance both coasts and I am able to look fresh even when it's snowing and winter and cold outside. And then I come back to California, and I'm able to use the same products.

And what was really unique with the NuGene hair loss and the shampoo and condition, was I just started using it, and then I saw my hairstylist and she was like, "Where did you get all this new hair?" And she literally took a picture of the back of my hair, and she showed me the new growth that was coming in. So, when I was pregnant with my son, you know it's natural for women to lose their hair during their pregnancy, especially after they give birth, and here I am growing hair. So that was amazing and that's when I started to see the growth, I was just blown away.*

AnnaMaria Demara, Actress, Writer, Producer

My name is Anika. I'm from Seattle, and I'm a fitness teacher at Millennium, and I'm also a massage therapist.

My skin type is fairly on the drier side. As the season changes, my skin starts to flake out. When I hit 30, that's when everything went kaput, and that's where NuGene came in.

I didn't ever used to break out when I was younger, you know, maybe like in my adolescent years, but you know 20s all that, my skin was fairly clear. Again, I don't know where it all came from, but one day it just…I mean red bumps everywhere, just places. I couldn't figure anything out. I'd read. I'd change my diet. And then, I mean I'd spend like hundreds of dollars on different kinds of products. NuGene, I saw results within like a week.

I really like the face wash. It's strong as far as like how it works, but it doesn't feel harsh on my skin, and then the Universal Cream, can't live without that.

I have, or I would, and I have recommended it to everyone. I have friends that are moms, friends that are like 10 years younger than me. It's completely universal. It's organic.

If I was stranded on an island and I can only have two things with me, I would have to bring the NuGene Universal Cream, so when I was saved, at least my skin was still cute, and fire? I don’t know. Oh, matches! There we go, not fire. Because I can't really put fire in my pocket.

My boyfriend started stealing my hair stuff because he's like self-conscious about things like kind of balding. He's not really balding. I love you. You're not balding. It's just, you know, thinning. Whatever. My conditioner and shampoo were gradually just like going down, and it was him.*

Anika Miura, Salt Fitness Instructor, Massage Therapist