Hi, my name is Veronica Alexander, and I grew up in southern California my whole life. I'm a realtor, and I'm constantly driving on the road, on the go, all the time.

I have pretty normal skin; however, I've grown up in Orange County, and I'm constantly in the sun. So I'm a beach girl for years, and years, and years, so I have probably a lot of sun damage. NuGene has been incredible. My friend introduced me to NuGene and within the first, I want to say within the first two weeks, I called my girlfriend, I'm like, "This is incredible. This stuff is really working." I noticed right away, the areas right through here, which I'm so self-conscious of, you know, the thinning lines and stuff, were all like seemed to be disappearing. It was just amazing. I couldn't believe the results I was already feeling and seeing within just the two weeks of starting NuGene. I would absolutely recommend NuGene to any of my friends.

I have several friends that I can think of that could definitely use some of the, the shampoo line for some thinning hair or hair loss, that I would be very excited to share the product with, and any of the skin lines.

I have probably two favorites, and the Universal Serum of course is the one that I live by because I just love the results that I'm seeing; however, the Universal Cream is just so luxurious, and I love putting it on my skin, and it just feels super velvety, and I love the smell of the product as well.

I NuGene. Do you?*

Veronica Alexander, Realtor