Stem Cell Anti-Aging Science

Stem cells are the building blocks of our skin and exist throughout the body in the skin, fat, brain, blood, liver, bone marrow, muscles and organs. They have a unique ability to replace damaged and diseased cells. They are usually dormant in our bodies and activate when they detect injury and recognize the need for repair or regeneration. That’s their purpose in life—to repair damaged tissue.

But as we get older our stem cells weaken and the effects of aging becomes more apparent.

As we age, our stem cells lose their potency and the skin loses its ability to repair. The result can be fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin and hair loss. Our anti-aging product lines utilize these stem cell extracts to help renew your skin.

The skins aging process

reversing the aging process

NuGene Universal Serum Reversing The Appearance of Aging*

Scientists have discovered that human adipose (non-embryonic) stem cell extracts can help repair and renew skin by replacing old and damaged cells with healthy new ones.

Stem cells contain a large number of fundamental proteins called growth factors that are needed for the proper development of the body’s organs and tissues.

These stem cell extracts (growth factors and cytokines) in our skin and hair care help detect damaged and photo damaged skin cells, stimulating the skin's abilities to repair.

The extracts can improve skin firmness and elasticity, thickness, skin tone and brightness reducing the appearance of aging. Fine lines and wrinkles also diminish over time, but the number one thing we hear from our customers is that their skin looks and feels brighter, more luminous and healthy. Generally, peak improvement is reached after six to eight weeks (or two complete cellular renewal cycles) of continuous use, although many people tell us that they see improvement almost immediately.

The skin and hair care anti-aging lines that we carry are a combination of these discoveries and unique high-technology, patent-pending formulations, that extract critical growth factors from human adipose stem cells. These molecules have been found in independent studies to increase the proliferation and synthesis of:

  • Epithelial cells: protects the body from sunlight and germs
  • Fibroblasts: the protein responsible for the production of collagen & elastin
  • Hyaluronic acid: keeps the skin looking young by allowing it to retain moisture
  • Elastin: the protein responsible making skin elastic and allowing it to return to its original shape
  • Collagen: the fibers that give strength to the skin. They also prevent skin damage, wrinkles & sagging

stem cell skin care rejuvenation