Hi. My name is Spencer Steward. I'm from Burbank, California, and I work in production. Currently, right now, I work on Extra, the television show with Mario Lopez.

If I had to choose a skin type, I would say definitely more around the oily type of skin. I've been dealing with oily skin since I was probably in about junior high. Well, along with oily skin, I get frequent breakouts. Now with the face wash, you know, it's pretty gentle on my skin, so it doesn't overly dry my skin. It takes away a lot of the oil and the shine. As well, it eradicates a lot of the breakouts that I have. You know, and I work really hard and I sweat a lot, so you know I use that about twice a day and the breakouts have kind of just disappeared.

If I had were to have to pick a favorite product from NuGene, I mean there's a few that I like. I definitely like the eye serum. I work a lot of hours in production, and you know that strenuous workload gives me a lot of dark circles at the end of the night because I don't really get the sleep that I want to get or intended on getting. I wake up early hours and I put that serum on and, sure enough, it eradicates that as well. You know, my eyes, no more bags. No more deep dark circles. And I look fresh and ready to roll.

We have a lot of celebrities coming through the set to get interviewed by Mario and our other two co-hosts, and you know first impression is everything. You know, and I have to greet these celebrities and make sure they feel comfortable and at home and you know, my appearance is important. So I started using the hair shampoo and conditioner as well as the serum, and you know I stopped loosing hair. My hair has stronger integrity. It feels thicker. I just like the way it feels. You know it doesn't look as thin as it did, and I'm actually starting to get baby hairs. They're starting to regrow. So, you know, I'm very pleased.

My fiancé, she's pregnant with twins, twin boys. Just the thought of it is kind of stressful. I've been using these products on the face to help with my appearance because I have been getting bags and a little bit of the crows feet and whatnot and it kind of has smoothed my skin out and actually helped with the breakouts. Because the stress, I tell you what, with working and preparing to be a father, you know, it takes a toll on your skin, and this product has definitely helped me bring my skin back to life.

I would definitely recommend the products to my friends. You know, I've already started, to be honest, with people at work. And they kind of make fun of me and take pokes at me 'cause I like to say that I'm a man's man, but you know I'm breaking them down and their listening to what I'm saying and seeing the results, so they're all interested.

I NuGene. Do you?*

Spencer Steward, Production Coordinator Extra TV