My name is Jin Lee, and I am the VP of Operations at Millennium Dance Complex. I was raised here in California. I was born in Korea, but we moved out here when I was four, so been an LA girl.

My skin type. When I was younger, I used to have oily skin and then, as I got into my 30s, it started drying out a little bit, so the discoloration, and the dark spots, age spots started appearing.

I love NuGene skin care products. It has completely evened out my tones. My dark spots are starting to fade a little bit, and I feel like I don't need makeup as much anymore. I would recommend this line to anybody and everyone, and I have. And everyone loves the products.

Well, especially when you're dealing with celebrity clients at Millennium Dance Complex, you don't want to have skin that's broken out. You don't want to have bad skin. You just. It's the confidence level also. Like, I feel more confident as a person, especially a female in her 30s.

Products I've used in the past differ from NuGene because I don't see the results as fast. With NuGene, within the first day, the next morning I woke up from using the skin care line, and my skin was glowing. Like, it looked like I had makeup on, and it was just amazing. And after that, I was sold*

Jin Lee, VP of Operations – Millennium Complex