My name is Sophia Phan. I'm an esthetician in Beverly Hills. I work at a medical plastic surgeon's office, and I came across NuGene when one of my favorite clients, who happens to be a model and a big fan of NuGene, came to see me. She has been using products that I recommend for about two years now and she said, "I've been trying something new. It's been two weeks, and I want you to look at my skin and tell me what you think." So, at first I looked at her skin and I said, "It looks good. It looks great like it always does." And then I looked closer and I noticed that the texture and tone of her skin was more plump and it looked as though the fine lines are just far diminished from the last time I saw her. And this was the beginning of the facial, so even better. And then, she said to me, "Well, I came across this product that uses stem cells as a main ingredient in the product, and I want you to try it." And that was when I was introduced to NuGene, and I'm so glad I was.

I have several favorite products from NuGene, but the one that really stands out to me is the Universal Serum. The serum feels very silky in your hands. When it goes on the skin, it just feels like a drink of water. It makes the skin look and feel extremely dewy and hydrated, and that hydration lasts all day. I even think it lasts after washing your face.

I see a lot of different clients with different skin types. The clients and friends that would most benefit from NuGene would be anyone who is interested in anti-aging and anyone that has mature skin. That's pretty much everybody.*

Sophia Phan, Clinical Esthetician