Hello, my name is Sheyla Cintron. I am a fitness instructor and the creator of SALT by Sheyla. I live in Redondo Beach and I love NuGene.

My skin is combination skin. Usually, my issues are T zone, and dark circles, dark spots on my skin from the pregnancies and the hormones, and I've had hair loss from the pregnancies. But, yeah, the T zone, I usually have oily, oily here, oily here.

NuGene has fixed my skin because it's completely balanced now. There's no T zone ever, and I don’t even need makeup. I can walk out of my house without makeup. It's totally lightened the dark spots from the pregnancies. And the main thing that it's done for me is all this growth, all this growth of all the hair loss that I had from the pregnancies, it's all coming back. It saved my hair.

My favorite NuGene product is the eye serum. They're all favorites, but the eye serum for sure because, even like six hours after I put it on, you still feel the same feeling when you put it on. It's tight, and it's supple, and feels so fresh. And even if I haven't had sleep because I have an eight-month-old, I can totally count on the eye serum to make me look good.

I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and everyone out there because NuGene has changed my life, has changed my skin, and it can change yours too. It's the best stuff ever. I'm obsessed.

Oh man, this is cool. I love it. That's so pretty. And the hair serum. Oh Universal Serum. This is awesome. I love this packaging. It's so pretty and sexy.

I NuGene. Do you? *

Sheyla Cintron, Fitness Instructor, Creator of Salt by Sheila