Vanessa Rae: I'm Vanessa Rae, and I'm from Happy Valley, Oregon, and I'm a recording artist. And this is my mom

Michelle: Yes, I'm mom. My name is Michelle. As she said, we're from Happy Valley, Oregon, and I'm out here to help her with her music.

Vanessa Rae: So I used to have really oily skin growing up, especially going through puberty. I had a lot of white heads. I had a lot of blackheads. Just, you know, breakouts. Normal stuff, I guess.

Michelle: Yeah, she definitely did when she was a teenager, the younger years. She definitely inherited my oily skin. I had the same problem as well as into my adulthood and now I still do. So, definitely got that from me.

Vanessa Rae: NuGene is really nice though because I feel like since we've moved to LA, our skin has gotten a lot drier because of the weather here and the water, you know, being so harsh. But, NuGene is really nice because it keeps your skin hydrated, but it's not an oily hydration if that makes any sense at all.

Michelle: Yeah, it does. It actually really evens out the skin and the texture of my skin and the feel of my skin. It feels a lot better and looks a lot better since I've been using this product.

My favorite NuGene product is definitely the eye serum. I've tried many, many eye creams and serums out there, and this one definitely is the best. It makes my skin feel really. Under my eyes stay really hydrated, so that I don't feel like I'm just putting it on and it's going right back into my creases of my skin. It just stays with me all days.

Vanessa Rae: My favorite is actually the universal cream, and I use that on my face. I feel like my makeup sticks to it. Like my make up doesn’t run or anything, it just keeps everything on my face, which is really nice. Kinda like a face glue. You put your makeup on and it doesn't leave.

Michelle: And that's a good thing because it's hot out here a lot.

Vanessa Rae: We would absolutely recommend this product for our friends.

Michelle: Yes, most definitely. And we already have as a matter of fact.

Vanessa Rae: Well, it's really important for me to have clear skin because I'm on camera a lot. My job, I'm a recording artist out here, and yeah, just being on camera, you know, commercials. And even just like auditions, being on camera for, you know they film you to take you to show the producers later on to get booked for things. You know, it's just so important to have clear skin for that kind of stuff.

Michelle: Yeah, and she's constantly being interviewed for her music and what she wants to be and what's out there and what she's writing and all of that so it s really good that she's got this product now.

Vanessa Rae: and ever since we started NuGene, everyone thinks she's my sister and not my mom, so.

Michelle: And I love it! And I love it!

Vanessa Rae: She's getting younger as we go, so that's cool.*

Vanessa Rae & Michelle Jamison, Recording Artist, Dancer & Her Mother