Hi, my name is Natassia Malthe. I'm an actress, and I live in Los Angeles. And this past year, I've just had a baby.

I have quite thin skin, and it tends to be quite dry. I've used products like Dr Hauschka and other products you can find at Whole Foods. I've tried all sorts of products, and NuGene is absorbed very easily into the skin. You know, sometimes you can wear other products where it layers a coat on your skin and it doesn’t quite penetrate in, well NuGene is a product that I would say differs in that way.

In my pregnancy, this little guy here gave me little pigmentation called the pregnant mask, and so NuGene helped me a lot with getting rid of the darkened pigmentation and the new spots I had on my skin. I'm 40 years old and I feel like, and I've heard a lot of compliments from people that I look younger now than I did about a year and half ago before I was pregnant.

I've already recommended it to a dozen people, especially these men who are balding. It actually helps your hair grow. I've seen my friends using the hair products. They have all this short hair coming in, which I think is mind blowing. So, yeah, I've recommended this product already to a dozen of my male balding friends.*

Natassia Malthe, Actress, Model