Jessica Rizo

Hi. I'm Jessica Rizo. Born and raised in northern California. I'm an actress and musician.

Well, my skin type is relatively oily, and some of the problems I've had is acne and discoloration. I'm ethnic so I have yellow, red, green tones sometimes depending.

NuGene skin care has helped correct some of my problems from the past by definitely brightening my skin, evening my skin tone.

I kind of stopped breaking out in the last few years, but I definitely haven't had any new breakouts, and that's a big thing trying new products. I'm always weary of getting new breakouts and that certainly hasn't been an issue with this product. It's been, overall, a great experience.

A little bit about myself. I spend a lot of time on camera. In this generation of film and television, everything is high definition, so there is only so much filters, and beauty bowls, and lighting, and editing can do, so if my skin is well maintained, and clear, and bright, and healthy, then it's going to translate much more, you know, attractive on camera and I'm going to book a lot more work. So it's very important that I get a lot of rest, and drink a lot of water, and eat well, but most importantly take care of my skin, so NuGene is definitely helping with that.

You may have seen me on commercials, mostly Old Navy, Chevy, Verizon. A lot of commercial print. Some of the same companies I just mentioned as well as cosmetics. I worked for Wet and Wild to Milan cosmetics

In terms of spending a lot of time on set with a lot of makeup and a lot of lights and heat, we tend to inevitably get a little bit of breakouts and a little bit of just discoloration or wear on the skin I think, and you need a good product that can help, you know, just maintain the clarity of your skin and remove all the dirt and oil and keep it looking bright.

I'm a skin care fanatic. I'm a beauty fanatic. And having tried this product, I have nothing but positive things to say. It definitely has helped the clarity of my skin, the tone of my skin, and just overall the brightness of my skin.

I NuGene. Do you?*

Jessica Rizo, Actress, Musician