Hi, my name is Sarati. I am from Texas originally, but now I live in Los Angeles, California, and I'm a recording artist, actress, and dancer.

So, I have really sensitive and fair skin. I am actually allergic to citrus acid or citric acid, so I can't eat oranges and, well I do eat oranges, but I can't have it touch my face because my face will break out, and it burns, and it is very painful, so I have to be careful on what I put on my skin. NuGene is really good about making sure that there aren't any breakouts and that my skin is taken care of, so that's pretty amazing. But, yeah, I've had issues in the past with like breakouts, and I'm still a teenager so I still have acne every once in a while, and it drive me crazy. And I have bangs so that gets on my forehead so, you know, there are issues.

When I first started using NuGene, I noticed the day after that my skin was clearing up, which is weird to see in a day, but I really did notice it. And I actually called my mom the next day and told her about it and how amazing it was. It moisturized everything and I felt like my skin was being lifted and refreshed. And it's great and it's gentle. Their face wash is one of my favorite products because it is so gentle on my face.

If I were on a stranded island and could only take one product? I would take the eye serum. It feels so good when I put it on, and I can actually feel my eyes just being snatched back. Like it's, it's amazing. I feel like I have an eye lift. It's really great.

I would describe NuGene's product in the way they look as sophisticated. I love bottles like this that you push the top and then you like squeeze it into your hand. I love that.*

Sarah Toups “Sarati”, Recording Artist, Actress, Dancer